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My art is evolutionary: it changes with the seasons, with the materials I find in the environment,

with the colors of nature.

"Return to Paradise" series, making a little reference to this time of the Anthropocene.

This series works as a meeting point, to rethink and overcome this separation of humanity with the environment, to make us reflect on the climatic urgency, generate environmental awareness and responsibility with the planet that contains us and we inhabit.

Foto artista.jpg

Every project is a little piece in a bigger visual essay I'm creating, telling the story of male dancers in particular and sometimes the world of dancers in general.

Mitch Dobrowner_Shiprock Storm.jpg

 Today photography is my way for me to communicate how I feel without words. When I’m out shooting things seem simple again, time slows down and the world around me gets quiet. It’s then that I’m able to focus in a manner that allows me to connect with my imagination. Those moments are how I’ve learned to ‘still my soul’; it’s my happy place.


 I like the moment when I imagine my work in the still empty exhibition space.

Glass possesses an intrinsic fragility and ephemeral quality that most closely mimics the qualities of nature.

Bella Kotak - headshot.jpg

I invite others into my world, and create a space where other women can feel connected to their own power too. We need more women’s voices in this world. This is how I share mine. 

I see a new beauty in the things that have lived. I am touched by objects with a history. A time-worn, cracked mug is worth more to me than a new mug from mass production.

Serpentino, Lombardie, 2016.jpg

I believe that art is the manifestation of the deepest and most mysterious force, an inescapable existential necessity.

I believe that one of the aspects I love the most about this form of artistic expression is the fact that everyone can get close to it, you don't need many tools, paper, hands, a lot of patience and determination are enough, because without it, it is impossible to reach the final goal


I usually start my paintings from charcoal drawing and then start adding paint with thin veils of paint. During all this process the work takes on a personality of its own and a conversation begins between the painting and myself.

Real life models offer me the opportunity to see nature as it is, not as I think it is. Creating solely from the mind is very limiting.

P-2018-032-IN-0-0-kleiner Teil.tif

Sculpture can tell us spacial stories and this is what I love to do with my work.

I want my works to show the human experience. I want to show love, grace and dignity. I

want my paintings to convey the past, present and future. I want the viewer to

figuratively see themselves in my work.

Kip Omolade and Diovadiova Chrome Trinit

I chose light because it is the most essential and the most powerful visual element we can perceive. We all depend on light, it is a life-force and it's simply stunning.

There's a special type of magic that comes from letting your mind be an open container of sorts – combining your skills and experience

with the unknown and pulling that into reality.

foto profilo.jpg

I started my affection towards anyone or anything that was not accepted by the mainstream. So that’s why my quest was not just as an artist trying to look for some nonconventional (materials) to make art, it was more like finding a hope for the one’s that has been rejected.

I was encouraged to believe that all things have a spirit or soul. This animist belief is part of Japanese Shinto philosophy. All my work, using found and discarded objects, is rooted in this belief .

The word “Visceral” is extremely important to me and my process. The word itself, refers to “relating to deep inward feelings rather than intellect”. 

I'm a dreamer. The escape from reality inspires me, starting from real life but transfiguring it and showing its hidden sides.

 I wanted to show the objects in certain context, namely in snowy desert, which is for me the metaphor of the apocalypse.

Danila Tkachenko

I have a big bubble inside me that I need to transform into a physical form as an art piece.

Janne Parviainen

I preferred to test myself to try everything there is in the spectrum of the world, from organic material, to clay, to 3D, to create works that show the unification of all matter.

The colors I use are interior colors, soul colors and if used in the right way they are

brighter than the colors of the rainbow.

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